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Sanshou Study Course in China

Class in Action.....

Short Term:  1-Week to  12 -Week    /  Long Term: 1 Semester - 1 Academic Year
Regular Course: 15 classes per week  / Intensive Course: 25 classes per week


1 Sanshou (Sanda) Class
2 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

3 Sanshou ( Sanda) Class

4 Sanshou (Sanda) Class
5 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

6 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

7 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

8 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

9 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

10 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

11 Sanshou (Sanda) Class
12 Sanshou (Sanda) Class

13 Sanshou (Sanda) Class
14 Sanshou (Sanda) Class 15 Sanshou (Sanda) Class



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