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Night Life in Beijing

Nightlife & Entertainment in China

Beijing has a buzzing nightlife which has over the last few years seen a rapid increase in pubs, new exotic bars and techno-clubs. Foreign pubs, bars, cafes and disco clubs attract visitors and young Chinese people alike.

The main concentration of establishments is in the east-side of Beijing, namely the Gongti (the Workers Stadium), Sanlitun Area (the Embassy area) and Wudaokou (University area). Visitors should take the opportunity to make a visit to Sanlintun and Gongti to soak in the lively atmosphere, have a drink or dance the night away.


Glittering venues, bubbling dance floors and hip music shaken together with happy partygoers provides a unique Asian clubbing experience within Beijing.

The Gongti area will provide easy access to many different styles of club to suit any taste, with big names such as BabyFace, Queen, Mix and Vics all regularly pulling in huge crowds of clubbers looking to maximize their night out.

As usual Friday and Saturday nights attract the biggest crowds to most clubs. Admission fees are usually around 50RMB and drinks start from around 15 RMB upwards.

Sanlitun Bar Streeet

Sanlitun is located in the Embassy area of Chaoyang District. Here you can find countless bars, most open till 4am or later. All Sanlintun bars will quickly make you feel at home, but the experience comes somewhat with a Beijing twist.

Huohai Bar Street

This place seems to be taking over from Sanlitun as the major bar area of Beijing. It is situated around a man-made lake in the north of Beihai Park. Boating is available on the lake till 11pm or 12am. To have a peak at old Beijing, do make sure you take a tricycle ride or a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets and houses which are commonly known as Hutongs.

Wudaokou University Area

For a similar experience but at a cheaper price, be sure to check out the bars and clubs in the heavily student-oriented Haidian (Wudaokao) district, north-west of Bejing. Here expect an eclectic mix of students, foreigners and locals. Many of the bars have free entry nights and all you can drink specials. Most venues within Chaoyang and Haidian stay open until 2 or 3 in the morning, though some stay open till dawn.

Leisure & Entertainment

Stage Shows

As the cultural and art center of China, Beijing plays host to many famous Chinese and Western stage performances. These shows are an excellent means to enhance mutual understanding and cultural exchange. Performances of different genres, from many different countries and regions are staged in Beijing on a regular basis, with most shows beginning at 7:30 pm.

Choose from: Peking Opera Show / Acrobatics Show / Kung Fu Show /Ballet /Drama


There are plenty of movie theatres playing Chinese and foreign films. Most of the films have subtitles. The cinemas are much like those in Western countries.


Chinese Teahouses are traditionally where artists, mandarins, intellectuals and dilettantes converge to enjoy tea, socialise and relax. You can enjoy the traditional tea ceremony while sipping some exquisite Wulong Tea (which is called Kung Fu Tea) and the traditional Red and Green Teas. You also can try some delightful Chinese snacks.


Karaoke Singing is one of the most popular leisure activities in China. It is an ideal form of celebrating with family and friends in your leisure time. Nowadays, singing Karaoke has also been adopted by many Western people. There are a variety of English songs available for Western visitors.

Spa & Massage

There are 4 types of popular massage nowadays in China: Tuina (Medical Massage), full body, foot, and head massage. Our programs are full of activities, so what better way to end the day than by indulging yourself in a massage to help you relax, soothe away aching muscles and take in your day’s achievements. 


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