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Safety and Health in China

Crime is very low throughout China. China is considered one of the safest countries in the world in which to travel and study. There are virtually no crimes committed against tourists visiting China. Even during the late evening hours travellers have little to be concerned about. Chinese people are very friendly and hospitable.
The main problem tourists may have to deal with is theft of belongings or pickpocketing. Take care of your things when out and about. It is advisable to carry a small amount of cash in your wallet or purse and keep most of your money in a separate money-belt, perhaps under your clothes. Chinese hotels provide an in-room safe or locked security boxes at the front desk. Leave valuables at the hotel. If there is a problem report it immediately to a security guard or the police.

In major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, medical facilities are good. Some hospitals have special sections set aside for foreigners. There are doctors and nurses who speak English. They are well qualified and competent so you will receive good medical care. Medical fees are reasonable and immediate payment is required.

Most hotels will have access to a doctor. Should you require treatment, contact your hotel desk clerk, who will arrange for you to either see a doctor or be taken to a hospital, if appropriate. Alternatively, seek the assistance of your tour manager or the local office of your travel agent if for any reason the hotel staff is unable to help you. It is essential that you take all recommended precautions so as to avoid accidents or illness.

Insurance and Hospitals
Many companies with operations in China provide their employees with membership to local and worldwide medical centers. These centers have top Western and Chinese doctors. If major surgery is required these medical centers have links with the major local hospitals and will provide full medical support whenever needed. In the very rare case that top medical treatment cannot be obtained in China, patients will be evacuated to Hong Kong.

There are a number of insurance companies offering a wide variety of international health insurance for travel in China. Participants in our programs are responsible for arranging their own travel insurance before leaving their home country.

Bayley and Jackson Medical Centre
No. 7 Ritan Dong Lu Chaoyang District Beijing 100020 China
Tel: + 86 10 8562 9998 Fax: + 86 10 8561 4866

Beijing International (SOS) Clinic Building C, BITIC Leasing Center
No 1 North Road Xin Fu San Cun, Chaoyang District Beijing 100027 China
Tel: + 86 10 6462 9112 Fax: + 86 10 6462 9111

Beijing United Family Clinic - Shunyi, Pinnacle Plaza,
Unit #818, Tian Zhu Real Estate Development Zone Shunyi District Beijing 101312 China
Tel: + 86 10 8046 5432 Fax: + 86 10 8046 4383

Beijing United Family Hospital
No.2 Jiangtai Lu Chaoyang District Beijing 100016 China
Tel: + 86 10 6433 3962 Fax: + 86 10 6433 3963

Beijing Vista Clinic
Kerry Center Shopping Mall No. 1 Guanghua Road Chaoyang District Beijing 100020, China
Tel: + 86 10 6594 5129 Fax: + 86 10 6594 5129

Global Doctor Beijing Clinic Beijing Friendship Hospital
No. 95 Yong’an Road Xuanwu District Beijing, China
Tel: + 86 10 8315 1915
Sino-German Policlinic Landmark Tower,
Room B-1 8 North Dong San Huan Road Chao Yang District Beijing 100004 China
Tel: + 86 10 6590 0901 Fax: + 86 10 6680 6609

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