An Unique Experience with SCIC Beijing in China

2 Weeks Taiji / Bagua Course in China

Student Name: Andrew Austin
Nationality: British
Age: 36
Organisation: Zheng Daolo Kung Fu UK
Course Title:  weeks combine course Taiji and Bagua

"Upon arrival into Beijing i was amazed by the amount of construction and development.  There are so many people here working.  It seems most people come from other areas in China to Beijing to make money.  The variety of people's ethnicity made the city flavorful and interesting.  Great food, arts, music, markets, clothing.  Ancient temples share the same space with skyscapers, monks and computer programers, charity and capitalism.  Admist all the busy and crowded city there is still a kind of tranquility in the way people deal with life here.

Visiting parks, gardens, and historical sites I can't help but feel appreciation.  The sense of harmony and placement in the designs, the attention to detail, the naturalness.  There seems to be so many healthy and youthful looking elders here in these parks.  Both physically fit and mentally sharp.  I saw a lot of seniors exercising, jogging, taiji, even wushu sword. In America there is so much obesity and its rare to see older adults and seniors exercising with such brightness and strength.  In China martial arts and the idea of longevity are such a part of the culture.  It's philosophies and techniques are woven into daily life.  Living harmoniously, having balance in ones lifestyle, working hard and keeping a positive and tranquil mind.  People dancing and singing at the temple of Heaven, practicing Qi Gong at the Summer Palace, and playing badmitton in Tiananmen Square.    

Traveling and training outside the city is equally powerful.  Wudang Mountain is a center of Daoism and the development of internal martial arts.  One of the most known and respected masters of chinese gongfu Zhang San Feng lived and taught in Wudang Mountain.  Various forms of wushu, taiji, bagua, and qi gong have been created and transmitted here for hundreds of years dating as far back as the Yuan Dynasty.  The training i experienced here is challenging and meditative.  There is a spirit of power and gracefulness in the techniques that create a strong body and clear mind.