Shaolin Little Dragon Kung Fu School

Shaolin Little Dragon Kung Fu School

School Features 


-A professional Shaolin Kung Fu School in China

-One of the three biggest Schools in Shaolin Region 

-Systematic curriculum: Kung Fu basics, forms, pair fighting and applications

-Course Options: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes

-Choose a student dorm or a hotel as your accommodation 

-Six hours intensive training daily based schedule 

-Varies indoor and outdoor training halls and facilities



School Data 

Location: Dengfeng Henan, China

Number of Students: 15000

Number of Teachers: 500

School Facilities: Professional training halls and equipments

Offer Course: 1-12 weeks/6 months – 12 months

Teaching Styles: Shaolin Kung Fu / Sanda

Spiritual Type: Buddhism / Teenage Education

Age Limit: 7 – 68

Physical Demand: 4-6 


School Introduction 


Shaolin Temple Little Dragon Kung Fu School was founded in 1980, which is also named Songshan Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Martial Arts Academy. It is the earliest and authentic martial arts professional school in China. Moreover it is a comprehensive Shaolin Kung Fu school with culture teaching, Shaolin Kung fu training, film and television talent training, and film and television shooting. The reason why the school name is Xiaolong comes from that a famous Shaolin Kung fu Actor called Shi Xiaolong whose English name is Ashton Chen who has stared many popular Action movies, was from this school and he is actually the son of the founder of the school, Chen Tongshan, a genuine and traditional Shaolin Successor.

Shaolin Temple Little Dragon Kung Fu School is located at Dayu Road, Dengfeng City, Henan, China, 20 km away from Shaolin Temple. The total investment of Shaolin Temple Little Dragon Kung Fu School is over 100 million Yuan with over 200 acres of campus ground, which is an ideal place for Shaolin Kung fu fans at home and abroad because of its rich management experience, qualified teaching teams, pleasant campus environment and advanced teaching facilities.

Now there are about 15000 Chinese students studying both Shaolin Kung Fu and other school courses with over 600 professional coaches. The whole school is equipped with teaching buildings, libraries, training halls, performance halls, swimming pools, infirmary, hotel-style apartments etc. Students from home and abroad can participate in various programs as traditional Shaolin forms, weapons, Shaolin Qigong, Shaolin Culture, Buddhism, free fighting, Kung fu Performance, Kung fu Acting etc.

Thousands of outstanding Kung fu Talents and movie stars have graduated from Shaolin Temple Little Dragon Kung Fu School like Shi Xiaolong, Shi Xiaohu, Shi Xiaobao, Jiang Luxia, Liu Zhiming, Kang Jiaqi etc who are quite popular with TV and film viewers. 85 students up to now had won the titles of world champions and national champions.


Shaolin Little Dragon Kung Fu School


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