Maling Mountain Kung Fu School

Maling Mountain Kung Fu School

School Features

1. Train Kung Fu, Sanda, Tai Chi and Qigong at one go
2. Or just focus on one specific style.
3. Study martial arts while exploring the culture of Confucianism 
4. Six hours Intensive training daily based
5. Personal care; Family Atmosphere
6. Beginner to advanced level class
7. Indoor and outdoor traditional training facilities
8. Organic Food and Fresh Air 

School Profile

Location: Qufu Shandong, China

Number of Students: 600

Number of Teachers: 50

Course Length: 1 weeks -12 weeks / 6 months - 2 years

Teaching Styles: Shaolin Kung Fu, Traditional kung fu, Sanda, Tai Chi

Spiritual Type: Buddhism and Confucianism

Martial Arts Type:  Shaolin and Traditional 

Age limit: 12-65

Facilities: Indoor training halls, Outdoor Training Grounds, Traditional Training Equipments

Physical Demand: 4-7 (7 is the highest rate)

School Introduction

The Maling Shaolin Kung Fu School is a small-scale academy that has been teaching international students since it was founded in later 2009 by the 32nd generation of Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Xing Jian ( Master Bao). Master Bao is the headmaster and founder of the academy. He teaches the daily tai chi classes, as well as traditional Shaolin forms and several other kung fu styles.

On average there are 3 kung fu Masters teaching at the academy. During busy periods this is increased, so that students always train in groups of maximum 8 – 10 students per Master. Most of our masters speak (at least basic) English, but we also have a translator living at the academy to help with communicating and questions about daily life.

At the end of 2013, the kung fu academy moved to a new location. The brand new building was constructed with both indoor and outdoor training facilities, improved living quarters, a heating system and more. In addition, the academy is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a small pond.

Maling Mountain Kung Fu School


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      • Welcome pack, assistances and travel information during your entire course in China

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