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SCIC Beijing Sports Training and Exchange Programs launched in April 2012. Come to China and train with Olympic Champions, Professional Athletes at top sports schools, teams and clubs.....

  Beijing: (8610)-8472 2674
London: (020)-3239 0099
  New York: (347) 410 5055
Sydney: (02)-8006 4588

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single room and shared room.

Our Accommodation

Language Combined Program

Study Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Wushu and Kung Fu) while learning how to speak the Chinese language (Mandarin)! Chinese Language Courses are available for all our martial arts students in both the Beijing Sport University and the Capital Institute of Physical Education, as well as in the SCIC Beijing Culture Center. All teachers have advanced Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Certification issued by the Department of Education and many years of teaching experience. They provide teaching tailored to students' needs, meeting all different requirements with excellent results and winning the praise of students.

The course is usually carried out in the afternoon two to three times a week. Students will learn and improve their Chinese language both in oral speaking and Chinese character writing through class instruction in top language universities. After-class tutorials and arranged language partners are also provided to help students achieve success!

Class Description:

Chinese language classes focus on developing oral expression, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, and grammar. Up-to-date materials are used to introduce contemporary China, its social and economic life, culture, history, and literature.

Language Course at the Capital Institute of Physical Education

The CIPE Language Education and Research Center is dedicated to the teaching of Chinese language and culture to foreign students. The Center has a good study environment, with language labs, computer labs and multimedia classrooms alongside standard classrooms. The advanced facilities offer a rich and varied range of course content, creating an ideal environment in which to study Chinese language and culture.

Available levels:  Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced
Short-term:  2 weeks  / 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 8 weeks / 12 weeks
Long-term:  1 Semester / 1 Academic Year

Class size: 5 to 15 students 
Timetable: 8am to 11:50am (Monday and Friday) 
                 4 classes per week, 2
0 classes per week (45 minutes per class)

Check the Dates and Fees (Martial Arts Training with Chinese Language Course)

Language Class at Beijing Sport University

Beijing Sport University provides a language course for all international students who are undertaking a Tai Chi, Daoyin or Wushu course. The language course is specifically designed for beginners and held three times a week in the afternoon. The university also provides a language lab, computer room, library and other facilities. 

Available levels:  Elementary & Intermediate
Course length:  4 weeks /12 weeks / 1 Semester / 1 Academic Year

Class size: 5 to 15 students
Timetable: 8am to 11:45am (Monday to Friday)
                 45 minutes per class, 20 classes per week 

Check the course Dates & Fees for Martial Arts Training and Language Study at Beijing Sport University

Language Classes at Shaolin Temple, Wudang Mountain and Chen Village

Small group language classes are available at these locations for students training with SCIC Beijing. Classes are held after daily training has finished, and focus on basic oral speaking and writing simple characters. Each class lasts an hour to an hour and a half and is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their Chinese while enjoying Kung Fu and Tai Chi training. Students can practice their speaking and writing skills with other students at these training locations. Improving language skills not only helps social exchange but also widens cultural appreciation. Students will also get more out of their training!

Level of the class: Basic Chinese
Class size: 3 to 5 students

Timetable: depends on location
Class length: depends on location

For more information, please check individual programs.

Language Class at the SCIC Beijing Culture Center

Small Group: 3 to 8 people
The SCIC Culture Center runs beginners' language courses at the start of each month for martial arts students. Students can join any of the current classes, or groups of three and four can arrange their own courses commencing at the start of every month.

One-to-one students take classes individually. They can agree on class time and content with their teacher, emphasizing oral Chinese, phonetics or other courses. One-to-one students have more opportunities to practice and the teacher is able to offer targeted tutoring according to the student's needs. Language class can be able flexibly arranged according to the student's free time.

Suitable for: Total Beginners 
Course length:  2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks.

Class size:  3 to 8 students
Timetable:  3pm to 5:15pm (Monday & Wednesday) 
                  6 classes per week (45 minutes per class)

How to Apply

Language courses can be combined with a martial arts programs you select. More info >>

If you would like to study Chinese Language as the main subject, please visit the SCIC Study Division >>.




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