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Welcome to SCIC China Study
A grea combination of Mandarin Study
Cultural Courses, Life Experience & Travel & Explorations
SCIC study division offers a comprehensive Mandarins study program that specifically designed for beginners. Students will be learning and improving Chinese language both in oral speaking and Chinese character writing through class instruction in top language university, after-class tutorial and language partners. Combined with optional cultural courses, participants will deepen the knowledge of Chinese culture; Social experience programs provide excellent opportunities to discover both vibrant and tranquil, life in China. Through Travel & Exploration Programs, you will be fascinated by numerous unique scene and amazing historic heritages, explore multi-ethnic culture, unexceptional boost your China experience.
Participate in a variety of social leisure activities and make new Chinese friends and other people from all over the world.
Bar & Clubbing nights   Shows & Performances
Special Food Evening   Karaoke Night
Spar and Massage        Sports Activities
Local Festivals
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Take a beginner Mandarin Chinese Course that held in Beijing Language & Culture University, the top language study institute in China. Combine with free language tutorial and language partner program.
Available: 4 weeks             5 weeks
                   6 weeks             12 weeks
                  1 Semester        1 Academic Year
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Choose an optional cultural course that arranged twice a week after language class and taught by professionals of each subject.
Available: 2 to 12 weeks
Chinese Medicine (TCM)       Chinese Martial Arts
Calligraphy & Brush painting    Business in China
Traditional musical Instruments Chinese Cooking
Discover both modern and historical attractions of Beijing, explore lifestyles in different cities, and travel to famous spots like Guilin and Lijiang etc.
Historical attractions
Excursions to Shanghai, Suzhou, Xian
Explorations of Guilin, Lijiang and more¡­
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